Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Transport Guide Works?

Transport Guide is a connecting platform between truck and load.Team Transport Guide collect Truck/Load details from Market through 1) Tele-calling activity2) Social Media Activity3) Field Sales ActivityTeam Transport Guide suggest the appropriate contact information to users.

Do User need authentication to use Transport Guide?

User Need to Register at Transport Guide to get access at Transport Guide.

How can user Retrieve password?

User can click ‘Forgot Password’ and fill the details asked by system. User will get a mail to registered email id. Using one time password from mail will allow user to reset his password. In case of forgot username. User can contact team support for further assistance.

Who can post Truck/Load at Transport Guide?

Transporter / Truck Owner / Truck Driver / Booking Agent / Load Supplier

What is Life time Listing Means at Transport Guide?

Lifetime listing means – user’s business details along with his contact details, address details, particular truck/load type, source location, Work Route, specialized for User can Change his detail(contact, address, work details) any time he just has to verify the registered details to our team.

How are we different from others?

Unlike other Mobile apps/ Websites, we share direct user details for both the Truck and Load suppliers. We do not charge any commission/per deal charge. We support to the Booking Agents by sharing only contact information. We support through call + Whats-app + email. We support non-techno-friendly users too. We do not get involved in Deal, Rate, Payment, Verification or documentation

What kinds of Truck / Load get posted at Transport Guide?

User can post Vehicle/Load starting from loading capacity 1MT .We work for Truck/Load for Tempo, Truck, Trailers, Containers, ODC Consignments.

How current are the details posted at Transport Guide?

It is Live Data. Eg. If a user post a Truck/Load at 9:23:17 am then the same truck will be displayed at Truck search board from very next second at 9:23:18. As well As all the Directory Profile Data are also available at display immediately after posting.

What is User’s Benefit?

*User can get many deals from his subscription period just paying once at the time of subscription/renewal.
*Booking Agents can search both Truck and Load and get their match.
*Transporter / Multi Truck owner does not need to pay for multiple vehicle.
*Non- Techno Friendly user can get call + whats app support for their business

What Type of Alert can a user get?

User can get Mail Alerts for Truck/Load posted ‘From Location’ near in 50km radius from their selected location.User can set multiple filters for
* Alert for Posted Trucks
* Alert for Posted Loads
* Alert for Posted Trucks and Loads
* Multiple selection for ‘From Location’ as per user’s requirements.

How can I pay to Transport Guide?

* Through NEFT
* Through Paytm
* Through CC Avenue Gateway where he can pay through Credit/Debit card also.

Why Should I trust Transport Guide?

* Transport Guide Provide Invoice including GST
* Transport Guide Web portal is secured with SSL Certification
* Transport Guide support Numbers are mentioned at Android app Footer
* Transport Guide is not involved in any kind of 3rd party payments.

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