Post Load – Load Supplier will post his Load

Transport Guide provides Post Load option for Online Truck Load Booking in India. When you post your load to Transport Guide’s systems, we are able to index you in a way that is most efficient for truck suppliers to find you. We use the information you have given us to make a perfect match with whoever has a truck load capacity big or small enough for your needs, and save you on costs by getting you the best deal out of it! You have the luxury of choosing from several different offers.

As a free user you might not be able to search for truck suppliers, but you are guaranteed to find the ideal match thanks to our system filters and software technology. Premium users can not only post a load but search for a truck supplier so that you can get the most ideal deal for your situation. We at transport guide help you cut costs wherever we can and wherever necessary, even it is at an initial stage like posting your load.