Why Empty Trucks and Delay Loads are becoming the pain point for Indian Transport and Logistic Business?

Lack Of Connectivity – Due to lack of connectivity, almost 5-7 Lakh vehicles are unable to function at an optimum. Bringing in technology will help to lower the logistics costs, which have been estimated at 13-14% of India’s GDP. Through digital streamlining of communications between stakeholders and initiating an infrastructural as well as policy change, the logistics industry of India can emerge as a pivotal piece in the growth story of the Indian economy.

Unorganized Structure – The disorganized nature of the logistics sector in India, its perception as a manpower-heavy industry and lack of adequate training institutions has led to a shortfall in skilled management and client service personnel. There is a lack of IT standard, equipment and poor systems integration.

Middle Educated Manpower – one of the most trouble point is manpower, generally we have found that most of the employees and staff are educated below 10th. some of them are thinking that they had no other choice so they choose this filed. however they do not know that logistic in India is the most challenging job. they just have to organise and be passionate about their profession.

Suggestion to improvement –

One of the most troubling the Indian logistics scenario is the obsolete way in which things are run. For instance, if there existed a nation-wide broadband logistics IT network then a trucker initiating his journey in Kerala could find all the papers there, get all inspections done, and move on without any interruptions to his destination.This would also help vehicle owners and clients engage with each other

With the implementation of GST, the logistics companies, which are currently forced to set up many small warehouses across multiple cities can set up just a few, big warehouses region wise and can follow the hub-and-spoke model for freight movement from the warehouses to the different manufacturing plants.

Government of Delhi has annouced that Drivers must complye the driving training before they apply for the Driving License Renewal. Changing face of logistics in India. • Technology usage for Integrated transport solutions. • Maritime Development Programme. • Best practices and future outlook are some of the key featured solution for Indian Logistic concerns.

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